Funding your care and support

You have the right to choose who provides your care and support AND how you'd like to pay for it.

What is a personal budget?

It is money allocated to you by social services.

How do I get a personal budget?

Social services will assess you and your needs and allocate an amount specifically for you to make sure you get the care and support funds you need.

How do I get assessed?

Simply contact Sanctuary Supported Living or call your local council's social services department.

OK, I've been assessed - what next?

Now you have the choice of with whom, how, when and where you spend your funds:

1. Once social services have assessed you, you can ask them to find and pay for a provider for you.

2. Once social services have assessed you, YOU can choose a provider and ask social services to make the payments to that provider.


3. Request for your funds to be paid directly to you. You can then choose which provider you would like to work with and pay for their services yourself. This option is called a Direct Payment.

With this option you need a separate bank account that can be regularly checked and monitored by social services to make sure your allocated money is being spent on your identified needs.

What can I spend my personal budget on?

From a healthy exercise class to a care worker or buying computer equipment, personal budgets can be used in lots of ways so long as the activity funds your identified care and support needs.

Want to find out more?

Speak to your current scheme manager, social worker or support worker for help and advice on personal budgets.