Our clients

Our clients are at the centre of our services and we value their involvement. We believe that each individual has the right to have a say in the running of the services they receive and work with our clients to achieve this.

Involving our clients

We are committed to involving the people who use our supported living services in all aspects of service design, delivery and evaluation.

We use any feedback received as a basis for assessing customer satisfaction and we review, shape and develop our services accordingly.

Our clients are supported and encouraged to share their opinions about what we do. Our main goal is that every client who has an opinion about something we do can share it with us, in the way that suits them best.

We work with clients to find out how they would like to become involved and provide support, training and resources to help with this.

There are many ways that clients can contribute their views and experiences.

Some people enjoy taking part in group discussions and others provide their views by using suggestion boxes, questionnaires and feedback through conversations with staff.

Clients have an opportunity to be involved in staff recruitment, induction and training.

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