Resident Scrutiny Panel

Sanctuary Supported Living is committed to having an on-going conversation with all its residents.

Our National Resident Scrutiny Panel (NRSP) work with our Communities of Interest to hold Sanctuary to account for its performance and to shape our services. Members of our National Resident Scrutiny Panel represent a range of diverse backgrounds, needs and experiences, to better reflect the voice of residents from across all of Sanctuary’s services.

National Resident Scrutiny Panel

Each member of our panel attends a monthly meeting and typically commits about two hours a week to take part. Any resident in England is eligible to join, provided you are not:

  • A member of the Board or Committee or involved in governance related activities e.g. Trustees, Sanctuary in Rochford Committee
  • Employees of Sanctuary or any of its subsidiaries
  • In breach of any tenancy or lease conditions

Read about some of our members below.

Bonnie, Vanessa and Olivia are also panel members, and are committed to making sure they play a key role in scrutinising our services.

If you would like to join NRSP, speak to a member of staff or submit an expression of interest.

Graham (Chairman)

Graham, has worked in a variety of interesting roles, including for the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall and the MOD, before retiring as the Head of IT for the Catholic international development charity. He lives in a leasehold retirement property in South London which he has called home for the last 14 years.

“My involvement with Sanctuary and the NRSP grew out of my involvement as secretary with my local residents’ association. As a result of this work to tackle some of the challenges residents were facing, I was invited to join the London Scrutiny Panel. I also became a member of the Homeownership Forum, then later joined the NRSP.

“I’m a strong advocate for improvement and change and interested in helping Sanctuary to provide the very best service it can to all of its residents. 

Bob (Vice Chairman)

Bob has lived in Southend-on Sea for more than 40 years with his wife Yvonne. They are both retired teachers and have three children, who are all married and live in South Essex.

“I first joined Sanctuary's scrutiny process as part of its East Panel, and became its Chair before it was reorganised. After that, I joined the NRSP. It’s important that residents of any housing association have a role in monitoring its performance as they are the recipients of the service provided. The NRSP looks to improve that service and ensure residents have the best experience possible.

“I was concerned at the number of complaints that appear on social media, so I’ve agreed to be the NRSP’s lead on monitoring complaints, and working with Sanctuary staff to improve customer service and responses.”


When 23-year-old Dylan was first referred to Sanctuary Supported Living’s Brighton and Hove Foyer in 2000, he was among the hidden homeless - he was staying with friends and had no fixed place to call home.

“I experience mental health problems, whilst also having Asperger’s which affects day-to-day life. I could not have engaged with the service Sanctuary Supported Living provides, never mind scrutinise its services, were it not for building the level of trust I have over years towards staff; the constant support, and crucially, accompaniment provided by local service managers and staff.

“I’ve been with Sanctuary for 22 years, and as a key part of decision-making across the whole organisation, my experience benefits my input and I’m pleased to be making a difference. I am currently leading our communications/tone of voice strategy and I am also involved in the Environmental Strategy with the relevant Heads of Service.”


After losing his right arm in an accident, John, a former Quality Manager in construction, was unable to work. It had a significant impact on his life and contributed to the breakdown in his marriage and becoming homeless.

“I left home with one bag of personal belongings and initially stayed in a halfway house, before being referred to Sanctuary Supported Living. Once they’d helped me to acclimatise to the sudden changes in my life, I started to look forward to a better future. As my confidence grew, my project worker suggested that I get involved as a Family and Friends Test Assessor, due to my experiences.

“I later joined the NRSP to help improve services for all customers across Sanctuary. It’s been great to see how the directors embrace resident engagement, and really refreshing to get straight answers”


Jean, who loves to spend her time baking and spoiling her two grandchildren, lives in Doncaster on a small development of shared ownership bungalows.

“I worked in the financial services industry for many years and helped keep law and order as a Justice of the Peace in the 1990s.

“I have been involved in the NRSP since 2017 and the Homeownership Forum for a year previous to that. Whilst I work with budgets, spreadsheets and all tasks involved with the running of a large company, customer service is the closest to my heart as I believe residents’ wellbeing and involvement are paramount to the successful running of this business.”


Awaiting photo graphic

Annette was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition at 41, which began to impact her housing situation. She currently works for the local council in the Children’s Services Team, and is also a Wellbeing Champion, as well as a Corporate Parent Champion.

“My eye condition meant that I could no longer drive, and that my housing situation had to change. We were offered a Sanctuary property in Torbay about six months after my diagnosis.

“In my spare time, I love to study. I have a Level 4 qualification in Business Administration and I’m currently working towards a Level 3 Children’s Workforce qualification.

“I’m a huge advocate for all looked after children and care leavers, and I’m keen to seen how I can work with Sanctuary to improve services and access for young people.” 

Sanctuary Residents’ Academy

The Sanctuary Residents’ Academy is a course for residents to develop knowledge and skills for scrutiny. Working with the Chartered Institute of Housing, Sanctuary Residents’ Academy is a formal, Level 2 qualification.

To gain the qualification you would have to complete three modules, each with an online tutorial taught by our in-house teams or external experts, with an assignment. Some members of our National Resident Scrutiny Panel have already achieved their qualification and you can read about their experience in this blog.

Not only will the qualification support you with the skills and confidence to hold Sanctuary to account, but it’s a qualification which can support employment opportunities too. There is a limited number of places available, but you can find out more by completing the form to register your interest for the Sanctuary Residents’ Academy.


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