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Ray Revill

A Doncaster man with learning disabilities has re-established contact with his daughter following the intervention of support workers.

Resident Raymond Revill

Raymond Revill, 54, a resident of Sanctuary Supported Living’s (SSL) Byron Road, had for years been sending presents and packages to his daughter at an outdated address and not receiving a reply.

Unbeknownst to Ray, who can’t read or write, his daughter’s social worker, who receives post on her behalf, had changed address.

When SSL’s support workers at the scheme learned of the problem, they worked with Ray, his daughter’s foster parents and her social workers to find the new address, made sure his post was correctly labelled and got him back in touch with her.

Since re-establishing contact with her father, Ray’s daughter now visits him regularly at Byron Road.

Ray said: “I’m glad I get to see her again – she is my only daughter and it makes me so happy every time I meet her.

If it wasn’t for the help Helen gave me to find out what happened, I wouldn’t even be able to talk to her right now, let alone meet her; it’s made such a difference.

Raymond Revill, Resident

Project worker Helen Thompson said: “Ray is a much loved resident here at Byron Road and he really considers it his home – he classes himself as ‘part of the furniture’, in his own words.

“It was upsetting, therefore, when we heard that he wasn’t getting any responses back from his daughter. Thankfully, it just took a sit down, a chat and a look at his post to sort it out and it’s lovely to see him back in touch with his daughter once more.”

Ray first came to Byron Road after moving from another supported housing scheme in the area. Prior to that, he had fallen into rent arrears and been financially exploited by drug dealers, resulting in a period of homelessness.

Once referred to Byron Road, staff were able to draw up a personalised support plan, which included help with money management to help him keep on top of his rent payments.

Since moving in, he has also received help in cooking meals from scratch, is learning about wellbeing and mindfulness, has been getting involved in gardening and is also looking to return to his passion for fishing by joining a local group.

Helen added: “Ray is someone who’s naturally generous; he enjoys helping people, and he really likes being part of the community at Byron Road.

 “He deserves to be happy and seeing him in contact with his daughter once more makes our job worth doing.”

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