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Jenny Doyle

After three years at Sanctuary Supported Living’s Norman Russell House in Milton Keynes, Jenny Doyle has moved on to the next chapter in her life.

Jenny Doyle and Jenny Begley from Norman Russell House

Originally referred to the scheme with complex needs, including undiagnosed autism, Jenny credits the support she received as the reason she is now able to live independently.

In particular, she is extremely grateful for the efforts of her support worker Jenny Begley, who worked alongside her to offer support with budgeting, tenancy management, depression and anxiety.

She said: “The support I received was fantastic. Jenny was a great support to me.

“Sanctuary Supported Living helped me to maintain a roof over my head at times when I was struggling to manage my tenancy.”

When Jenny first arrived at the scheme she “felt lost” and was struggling to engage with fellow residents prior to being diagnosed with autism in September 2016.

Jenny Begley joined Sanctuary Supported Living in February 2017 and because of her experience of dealing with autism the pair immediately struck up a rapport. With the help of a social worker, a plan was put in place to help Jenny Doyle flourish.

Jenny has since gone from strength to strength and is currently the deputy chair of the Milton Keynes Autism Partnership Board, helping to restructure the service provision across the area.

She has worked on projects with the local JobCentre Plus and the Department for Work and Pensions to help people with autism and similar conditions find employment opportunities.

In addition, she helped to interview two members of staff at Norman Russell House and another at nearby Shaftesbury Court in Winslow.

This has all contributed to a huge improvement in her mental health.

Jenny made a number of friends during her time at Normal Russell House and has kept in contact with them even though they no longer live at the scheme.

Following the closure of Norman Russell House, Jenny Begley is now the local service manager at Sanctuary Supported Living’s Pennefather Court in Aylesbury.

The support I received was fantastic. Jenny was a great support to me.

Jenny Doyle, Sanctuary Supported Living resident

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