Supported housing services

Our supported housing projects offer a positive environment where people’s unique qualities, strengths and abilities are properly recognised. For people who feel lonely or cut off from others, supported housing can provide a safe place to start making friends and building a better life.

Supported housing can be in a shared house or self-contained flats.

Shared houses

A shared house is when a group of clients share a house together. Each person has their own room, but shares living areas with the other people that live in the house. The communal facilities and culture of the house allow clients to get informal support from each other.

Household chores are split so that communal areas are kept clean and cooking can be done together.

Experienced staff help ensure everyone is involved if they want to be and supported according to their capabilities.

Self-contained flats

Our self-contained flats can provide greater independence. This continued support helps people move from supported housing to living more independently, if that is their goal.

Accommodation includes studio flats or larger flats with a separate bedroom, living area and kitchen.

There may also be shared communal areas such a communal lounge, kitchen and garden which can be used by all clients. This creates an opportunity for clients to create friendships and support each other.

Whichever type of housing is provided, staff respect each client’s right to privacy and are ever mindful that the support they are providing is in the person’s own home.

Regulated by the Care Quality Commission

In a number of our supported accommodation, we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to provide personal care.

Our staff are qualified to provide personal care and support to the people who live in the accommodation and have been assessed as needing this support.

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