At Sanctuary Supported Living, we work with a range of partners to provide accommodation, care and support which is tailored to meet the individual needs of each of the 6,000 people we support each year.

In partnership with industry experts, professional agencies and charities, and people who are specialists in their fields, we support residents to build their confidence and gain essential life skills, so that they can live as independently as possible – whatever that may mean for each person.

To find out more about how we can work together to meet local, strategic and individual needs, contact us.

John Baker House in Salisbury - Suzi, Roger, Lucy, Dawn, Pete, Amanda, Tracey, Ellen. Emma, Lauren

Our supported housing services work in partnership with local, regional and national charities, as well as support groups, community projects, and businesses. These partnerships give residents opportunities to develop their skills and confidence, gain additional support from specialist agencies, and play an active role in supporting their local community, both for their own benefit and the communities where we have a presence. Some of our recent partnerships include:

Where we develop new services or remodel existing ones to better meet the needs of current residents or the local community, in partnership with Local Authority teams, we work with architects, consultants, and development and construction specialists to create sustainable and high-quality homes. We work closely with residents and their families to ensure they are involved in the design of their new home.

Read more about our development and construction partnerships in the remodelling of Shaftesbury Court, our care home for people with physical disabilities in Trowbridge.

Our services aim to benefit their local communities and meet the needs of the people who live there, so we work with Local Authority housing and care teams to improve our existing services and develop new ones.

Where a Local Authority or Commissioner tells us that their needs have changed, we may repurpose or redevelop an existing service to better suit the local community.

We aim to break negative cycles of poor health, hospitalisation, mental health crisis or repeat homelessness, and prevent reoccurrence. To achieve this, our staff work in partnership with a range of health and social care teams, to ensure that we have a joined-up approach to providing each resident’s accommodation, care and support.

This includes working with NHS staff, Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT), Community Psychiatric Nurses (CPNs), local Rough Sleeper Initiatives, and Local Authority Social Care teams dealing with vulnerable young people and adults.

Within our supported living portfolio, we work alongside other landlords and care and support providers, to provide appropriate and suitable supported housing options. This includes where:

  • We are the landlord and we also provide the care and support.
  • We are the landlord, but we work with another provider who offers care and support (these are also known as ‘Agency Managed’ services).
  • We are the landlord, but we only provide housing management support, to help residents manage their tenancy and their finances, while another provider offers care and support.
  • We are not the landlord, but we provide the care and support to residents living in a building which is owned and run by another provider.

Where care and support are offered by another provider, we work closely with them, ensuring a holistic approach to supporting each resident’s housing, health and support needs.

We work closely with teams from across the wider Sanctuary Group, sharing our expertise, information and experience, for the benefit of all residents. This includes staff from Sanctuary Care, Sanctuary Housing and Sanctuary’s Assets and Maintenance teams.

Our services also receive funding and support for their resident-led projects and community activities from Sanctuary’s Co-regulation team and from Sanctuary’s Community Investment fund.


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