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Personal alarm

home unit, personal alarm, smoke alarm

Our personal alarm packages allow customers to call for emergency help at the touch of a button. The alarm system is easy-to-use and works in the home and garden for peace of mind for you and your loved ones. 

This package includes: 

  • A home unit  

  • A personal pendant with neck and wrist strap 

  • A smoke detector to raise the alarm in the event of excess smoke  

If someone is at risk of falls, upgrading to the personal alarm++ package includes a pendant with a built-in fall detector that can be worn discreetly around the neck, wrist, or on a belt, and will automatically alert the monitoring centre if a customer has a fall. It also includes a panic button so that support is on hand, whenever it's needed.

Example technology within the memory support package

Memory support

Our memory support packages can provide reassurance to customers who suffer confusion and memory loss.

Memory support
Example technology within the Winter chills package

Winter chills

Our winter chills package is designed to give customers added reassurance as it turns colder during the winter months.

Winter chills
Member of staff showcasing our Technology enabled living solutions

Technology FAQs

For any questions you may have about our technology enabled living services, take a look at our technology FAQs.

Technology FAQs