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Falls support

Falls support package

Our fall detectors are designed to detect a fall and are especially helpful for someone who is elderly or someone at risk of seizures, or frequent fainting. As part of our falls support packages, a panic button provides customers with reassurance that our highly-skilled operators are on hand, no matter if it’s day or night.  

This package includes: 

  • A home unit 

  • A pendant (with built-in fall detector) which will automatically alert the team if a customer has a fall, even if they’ve lost consciousness or are unable to call for help 

  • A bed sensor which identifies if a customer has been out of bed for longer than usual during the night, or, if a customer feels unwell and cannot get out of bed in the morning 

  • A smoke detector to raise the alarm in the event of excess smoke  

Additional support

You may want to consider adding a bed light which can be linked to the bed sensor to reduce the risk of falling in the night. If a customer gets up to use the toilet or get a drink, the light will turn on as soon as they are out of bed and turn off once they return. 

You can also upgrade your package with falls support+ which includes two fast PIR detectors which can be installed on the wall or the ceiling to identify movement in rooms and provide additional reassurance. When used alongside the bed sensor, the PIR detectors can sense if someone is walking about or determine if they may have fallen.   

Speak to a member of our assessment team, who will be able to personalise your package with these extra safety features. 

Wearable personal alarms

Personal pendant alarms

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Memory support

Our memory support packages can provide reassurance to customers who suffer confusion and memory loss.

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Member of staff showcasing our Technology enabled living solutions

Technology FAQs

For any questions you may have about our technology enabled living services, take a look at our technology FAQs.

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