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Communities of interest

Communities of Interest views hold us accountable for how our services perform and can help shape specific services or our approach to business.

Communities of Interest include:

  • Procurement and establishing new service contracts
  • Service reviews
  • Handling complaints and testing how we resolve them
  • Making sure we meet the aims of our Environmental Strategy
Two people outside of a supported living service, on a bright sunny day, leaning on a wall, looking at each other and smiling

Family and Friends Test

The Family and Friends Test works on the simple basis of residents visiting other services, finding out about them, and deciding if they would recommend their family or a friend to the service if they needed it.

If you receive support from us, you could participate in the Family and Friends Test. You will be given full training about what to do, and we can also arrange for your Support Worker to attend with you if needed. You’ll be reimbursed for travel expenses, gain new skills, and meet new people. The different sizes of the services we provide mean that the amount of your time needed to participate will vary, but visits usually take around half a day.

Policy reviews

Our processes must be transparent and easy to understand and help us to deliver high-quality services to you. We review our policies and procedures regularly and value the thoughts and views of those who receive a service from us.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been a customer; we would love to hear what you have to say. Your feedback helps us to understand what you expect from us, so we can shape and monitor our services to suit your needs.

Estate inspections

Estate Inspections involve inspecting Sanctuary’s housing estates and neighbourhoods to check if we’re delivering them to the expected standards. Supported living residents can join Sanctuary’s housing residents to provide feedback on the physical appearance of Sanctuary’s housing estates and neighbourhoods.

The inspections include checking if there are any uneven footpaths and keeping gardens and communal areas well-kept and tidy.

You’ll help improve services and develop new skills by getting involved in estate inspections. We’ll reimburse your travel expenses too.

Get in touch to get involved

Opportunities to get involved can be flexible to suit your circumstances. Where we can, we try to arrange virtual meetings and workshops to maximise accessibility, participation and contribution. We cover some expenses, such as your travel costs, childcare costs, or technology training, so that you can participate. We follow government guidance on what support is allowed for anyone receiving benefits.

To find out more about getting involved with communities of interest, please speak to a member of staff at your service, or contact us via email at