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Damp, mould and condensation

What is damp, mould, and condensation?

Damp and mould can happen in any home, particularly during the winter. It can be unsightly and smell unpleasant but we can support you with advice to help you tackle it. If your home has a problem with damp and mould, we need to find out why. We might ask you for photos if you report damp and mould to us, to help us diagnose what’s causing it, or send someone to survey your home.

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Damp looks like a wet patch on a wall or ceiling. It appears when condensation is left for a long time and the moisture never gets the chance to dry out. Damp is common in places with condensation and a low air flow, such as bathrooms where the windows are closed and/or the extractor fan isn’t switched on. It can also be caused by blocked gutters and broken rooftiles or pipes.


A type of fungus, mould often shows up as little black dots. Mould can grow in places you cannot see, such as behind wallpaper and under carpets. It thrives in moist, damp places with poor lighting and poor ventilation, and is commonly found near the sealant of window frames and around kitchen and bathroom tiles.


When warm wet air hits something colder, water droplets – or condensation – can appear. You may see this on your walls, windows and doors after a hot shower, or after cooking on the hob. Even breathing causes condensation – it’s why a car window steams up. It’s hard to stop condensation completely, but some small steps can help you manage the moisture in the air in your home, to prevent it becoming more troublesome damp and mould growth. 

Preventing damp, mould and condensation


We will work with you to resolve any issues with damp and mould in your home and give you advice to tackle condensation, if that’s what’s causing it.

For some DIY tips on how to prevent damp, mould and condensation, download our guidance leaflet, watch our video or read more on the Sanctuary website.

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