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7th March 2022

Sanctuary Supported Living

Sanctuary Supported Living Resident, photographed in a kitchen at Station Mews, Telford

Out of the twelve residents at Station Mews, Jeremy has lived there the longest. He credits the supported living team for being kind and helpful while he enjoys a life with as much independence as possible.

He’s been at Sanctuary Supported Living’s Station Mews for 18 years, which provides care and support for adults with a range of learning disabilities.

Originally from Poland, his family came to England during World War II. During his childhood, he attended Besford Court, a Catholic boarding school for disabled children, and St Joseph’s school for boys, at Croome Court, which was run by Catholic nuns for boys from disadvantaged backgrounds.

As an avid Leicester City fan, Jeremy’s second home was Filbert Street stadium until his beloved club moved to the newer King Power Stadium. The feeling of the grounds, the fans, the staff, anyone in blue, was not only of enthusiasm and reasons to be excited, but of acceptance and belonging. Orlando in Florida, where Jeremy’s sister lives, also stole a big piece of his heart with its world-class water parks, thrill rides and outdoor activities in nature.

As Jeremy nears 70, Station Mews is his forever home, and since recently retiring from his cleaning job at local supermarket, Morrisons, you can catch him enjoying a wildlife programme in the communal lounge with his friends or spurring on Leicester’s ‘Foxes’ in his one-bedroom apartment. He speaks very highly of Sanctuary Supported Living, and all the staff at Station Mews, who regularly support him with travelling overseas to visit his sister before the pandemic.

"The staff have always encouraged my adventurous spirit and they’ve helped me to be organised and confident in travelling."

Jeremy, resident

He tells us: “I am very happy at Station Mews, but my favourite place to go is Disney World! The staff have always encouraged my adventurous spirit and they’ve helped me to be organised and confident in travelling. I can’t wait to get back over there” Proudly donning a real cowhide leather jacket, he adds: “This was a Christmas present from my late mother. We found it in a shopping mall in America, and I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it.”