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Sharron Gresty

22nd May 2023

Sanctuary Supported Living

Training and Quality Officer, smiling at her desk

As Sharron designs and delivers induction training for all new members of our technology enabled living team, she highlights how staff are the backbone of our life-enhancing assistive technology.

Training and Quality Officer, Sharron, has worked in the telecare industry for more than 14 years – so she has plenty of knowledge and experience to impart to new recruits – and she’s worked in Sanctuary Supported Living’s technology enabled living team for 10 of them.

Technology enabled living is designed to support people of different ages and abilities to feel confident living alone in their everyday life. Through innovative and bespoke technology, help is on hand for those who need it. Whether it’s a customer in receipt of support or housing, a private customer who doesn’t live in a Sanctuary property, or a lone-working employee operating in a high-risk environment; the technology enabled living team provide reliable and reassuring customer service for ultimate peace of mind.

Sharron explains: “There’s never a dull day in the technology enabled living team! I’m responsible for planning induction training, as well as on-going training and development so that the team is kept up to date with best working practises. I also provide ongoing probationary support for all new employees.

A typical day for me will probably start with a monthly probation meeting with a call handler, in which we’ll chat through their progression via a self-assessment and plan ahead for the coming weeks. These meetings provide an invaluable opportunity to check in with staff and make sure that they’re feeling well-supported within their role. If I can support the team to be their best at work, then I can expect that we’re delivering the best possible service for our customers.

"I go home with an immense feeling of satisfaction that I’ve been instrumental in preparing staff to deliver a life-saving service."

Sharron Gresty, Training and Quality Officer

And monitoring calls is a big part of that, to make sure that we’re operating in compliance and performing at the highest level of proficiency. All members of the Response team have two alarm or voice calls monitored every month - which include emergency calls, risk calls, and wellbeing calls - and it’s up to me to check that there are no gaps in our knowledge across the team, and that customers are receiving a first-class service.

After lunch, I might have a meeting with the Response Team Leader to schedule an induction for a new call handler. The duration of an induction is six weeks with a big focus on Sanctuary’s Learning Zone for the first three. In the Learning Zone you’ll find everything to support the development of your skills, expertise and behaviours, in one place.

With the induction scheduled into my calendar and we head toward the end of the day, I’ll take some time to update standard operating processes and procedures with the help of a Senior Call Handler. My role is thoroughly audited, which involves a lot of evidence-based documenting and recording actions but once my administrative duties are complete, I can go home with an immense feeling of satisfaction that I’ve been instrumental in preparing staff to deliver a life-saving service.” Find out more about the technology enabled living services we provide or view our current vacancies to start your rewarding career with Sanctuary Supported Living.

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