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Get on Track – Alan

Alan lives at Brighton and Hove Foyer, which provides accommodation and support for vulnerable young people. He has been taking part in the Get on Track for Wellbeing programme, run in partnership between Sanctuary Supported Living and the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust.


Alan said: “When the programme started at Brighton and Hove Foyer, I was feeling depressed, but the programme helped me to sort that out. I really want to better my life and getting it back on track is something I wanted to do.

Before the first session, I was pretty nervous, but within ten minutes or so after meeting Hannah our athlete mentor, she’d put everyone at ease, and we cracked on with team building games and getting to know each other. One of the games we played was called Zombie, where we all had to work together as a team to try and beat Hannah. I’m not sure if we ever won, but it was a good way to learn about working together.

Before the programme started, I wasn’t doing any physical activity, I’m not the most athletic person! Throughout the programme, I lost a bit of weight which was good. Hannah got us doing push ups, sit ups, star jumps, and other things like that. I felt like it killed me sometimes - especially as I’m not a morning person - but it did make me more focussed for other things.

It’s been great working with Hannah, she’s a great mentor and leader. I wouldn’t have asked for anyone else to work with, I don’t think anyone could have done a better job. Just like in her boxing career, where she was determined to do well, she was determined here to help us succeed.

Over the last few months, I’ve learned to focus a lot more and work better with other people. In particular, I remember her coaching me on the beach in Brighton ahead of an interview and she worked with me until I felt confident that I’d got everything right.

I’m now applying for a lot more jobs, so I can get my life moving forward. Longer term, I want to work in security, and I need to get a SIA licence to do that. I’m also a lot more active than I was a few months ago. I used to just sit in my room a lot, but now I make sure I get out and about, especially at the weekends.

It’s been great working with Hannah, she’s a great mentor and leader.

Alan, resident

I’d really recommend this programme to other young people. It’s been a really good life experience and it’s good to work with someone like Hannah. I didn’t think I was going to learn as much as I did, but I’ve learned loads.

Hannah Beharry, a former champion boxer, who has been mentoring the Get on Track for Wellbeing participants at Brighton and Hove Foyer, said: “At the start of the programme, Alan wasn’t giving 100% - he was turning up late and wasn’t taking it seriously. After a one-to-one midway through, he changed his whole perspective - both in the way he approached the programme and also his own life. He was able to do this massive turnaround and he is now actively looking for work. He ran the social action project by himself, which helped him to understand he can become a coach and he is very optimistic for the future.”

Local Service Manager, Stephanie Smith, added: “Hannah has really motivated the young people living at Brighton and Hove Foyer. Alan has so much more energy and enthusiasm for life, he’s going to be a real success if he can keep his focus.”

For more information about Sanctuary Supported Living’s services for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, see our latest news or find a service near you.

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