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A fond farewell from residents

19th April 2024

Sanctuary Supported Living

Two photos side by side, both showing a female being handed a plant by a male as a gift

Resident, Liam, gifting Jacky and Steph a plant each to mark their retirement.

A supported housing service is marking the end of an era by announcing the retirement of two esteemed members of its management team.

Residents from Sanctuary Supported Living’s Halton Road, which provides support for adults with a range of learning disabilities in Runcorn, organised a surprise leaving party for Jacky Swarbrick, Local Service Manager and Steph Leather, Deputy Local Service Manager.

The event, which also welcomed staff and residents from neighbouring services in Chester and Halton, served as a heartfelt tribute to Jacky and Steph, celebrating their retirement and acknowledging their lasting impact on the community with over 35 years of service between them.

Attendees enjoyed a buffet lunch and shared memories while listening to popular music on the radio. The event also featured speeches that highlighted the significant contributions that Jacky and Steph have made to the supported housing services and the residents over the years.

The favourable weather permitted outdoor activities, where residents took photographs to commemorate the occasion. A resident with a passion for gardening gifted Jacky and Steph each a tree, which they planted on the property to leave a lasting legacy.

"Their dedication to fostering independence and supporting residents to be their best has been the cornerstone of their legacy."

Steph Books, Area Service Manager

The event clearly showcased the deep affection and respect held for Jacky and Steph, as residents voiced their appreciation for the pair’s positive impact on their personal growth and independence. Capturing the collective sentiment, one resident endearingly said, “You’ve grown older with us, but we’ve grown up with you.”

Steph Books, Area Service Manager, commented on their retirement: “While it’s difficult to see them leave, we are pleased that they can now embark on a well-earned retirement.

As we bid farewell to Jacky and Steph, we reflect on their invaluable service and the countless lives they’ve made a difference to. Their dedication to fostering independence and supporting residents to be their best has been the cornerstone of their legacy, which will continue to inspire Sanctuary Supported Living long after they’ve left.”

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