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I’m worried about someone else

It can be hard to know how to support a friend or loved one who is experiencing domestic abuse. If someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, it’s important to offer support and let them know that you believe them. Avoid blaming the victim or pressuring them to leave the relationship if they are not ready to do so. 

Remember to look after yourself as well. You may be this person’s only source of support, so it’s important that you are able to remain supportive.

What can I do to help?

  • Create a safe space: Make sure you’re in a private setting where they feel comfortable. Make it clear that you’re there to listen, not to judge. 

  • Express your concern: You might say, “I’ve noticed you haven’t been yourself lately. Is there anything you’d like to talk about? Is everything okay?” 

  • Believe them: If they open up about abuse, take their words seriously. Trust their experiences. 

  • Reassure them: Let them know that abuse is never their fault. The abuser is the only one responsible for their actions. 

  • Avoid judgement: Don’t question their decisions or judge their actions. Instead, focus on their strengths and boost their confidence. 

  • Remind them they’re not alone: Abuse often involves isolation. Let them know you’re there for them and that support is available. 

  • Give them time: It can take a long time before they confide in you. Be patient and supportive. 

  • Encourage them to seek help: Assure them that domestic abuse services are available anytime, any day. Help them explore their rights and options. 

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