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Out and about package: Craige

31st October 2023

Sanctuary Supported Living

Sanctuary resident smiling at the camera, wearing an Oysta device around his neck

Craige feels more confident getting out and about with his Oysta device

Using our technology enabled living service, Craige, who has epilepsy, feels more confident in getting out and about with round-the-clock peace of mind that support is available at the touch of a button, if he needs it.

Before moving into Sanctuary Supported Living’s Studfield Court, Craige lived on his own, but the frequency of his epileptic fits had a knock on his confidence and eventually he was scared to leave home. With almost no social interaction, Craige’s mental health took a dive as he became more isolated and disconnected from the world. When Craige was found confused at the bottom of a staircase, he was referred to Sanctuary Supported Living and in 2022 he moved into Studfield Court which provides care and support for people with disabilities.

As Craige adjusted to life at Studfield Court, he started to venture out again but got lost a few times and reported missing by staff. On one occasion, he was found late at night several miles away by the police. Worried for his safety, staff advised that Craige contact Sanctuary Supported Living’s technology enabled living service to see how assistive technology could support him to maintain his safety and independence both at home and in the community.

Promptly after, an assessor from the technology enabled living team came to visit Craige to discuss his needs and provide a free of charge demonstration, where he could test out some products with support. Since Craige was determined to keep up his social life and experience as many life opportunities as he could, he settled on an Oysta GPS location device which featured a one touch SOS button which he could wear discreetly around his neck.  

Since then, Craige’s confidence has greatly been restored and he’s been capable of independently making his way around the local area. The GPS device provides a safe means of ensuring that he can travel on his own whilst minimising any risk if he has a seizure and becomes lost and confused.

When Craige had a seizure at his local pub, hospitality staff were quick to activate his Oysta device so that Sanctuary’s in-house, 24/7 call monitoring and technology installation service could be alerted, and an ambulance called. Not only did this ensure that Craige had immediate help, but staff at Studfield Court were aware that an incident had happened and assured that he was safe and getting the support he needed. It also meant that the experience did not affect Craige’s confidence in going out on his own and returning to life as normal.

Support Assistant, Nichola Kirkland, said: “Using assistive technology has given Craige the freedom to live life to the full where he can be part of his community. As he enjoys walking, shopping, and nipping down to the local pub, he can make the most of social interaction and building friendships.

Craige said: “I feel much safer going out with my Oysta device. I’ve even caught the train to visit my family with support from my key worker.”

For more information about Sanctuary Supported Living’s technology enabled living services, visit our website.

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